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import {JsonRpcClient} from '@defichain/jellyfish-api-jsonrpc'
const client = new JsonRpcClient('http://foo:bar@localhost:8554')

// Using
const something = await


Returns the number of connections to other nodes.
interface net {
getConnectionCount (): Promise<number>


Returns data about each connected network node as a json array of objects.
interface net {
getPeerInfo (): Promise<PeerInfo[]>

export interface PeerInfo {
id: number
addr: string
addrbind?: string
addrlocal?: string
services: string
relaytxes: boolean
lastsend: number
lastrecv: number
bytessent: number
bytesrecv: number
conntime: number
timeoffset: number
pingtime?: number
minping?: number
pingwait?: number
version: number
subver: string
inbound: boolean
addnode: boolean
startingheight: number
banscore?: number
synced_headers?: number
synced_blocks?: number
inflight: number[]
whitelisted: boolean
permissions: string[]
minfeefilter: number
bytessent_per_msg: {
[msg: string]: number
bytesrecv_per_msg: {
[msg: string]: number


Returns information about network traffic, including bytes in, bytes out, and current time.
interface net {
getNetTotals (): Promise<NetTotals>

interface NetTotals {
totalbytesrecv: number
totalbytessent: number
timemillis: number
uploadtarget: UploadTarget

interface UploadTarget {
timeframe: number
target: number
target_reached: boolean
serve_historical_blocks: boolean
bytes_left_in_cycle: number
time_left_in_cycle: number


Returns an object containing various state info regarding P2P networking.
interface net {
getNetworkInfo (): Promise<NetworkInfo>

interface NetworkInfo {
version: number
subversion: string
protocolversion: number
localservices: string
localrelay: boolean
timeoffset: number
connections: number
networkactive: boolean
networks: Network[]
relayfee: number
incrementalfee: number
localaddresses: LocalAddress[]
warnings: string

interface Network {
name: string
limited: boolean
reachable: boolean
proxy: string
proxy_randomize_credentials: boolean

interface LocalAddress {
address: string
port: number
score: number


Disable/enable all p2p network activity.
interface net {
setNetworkActive (state: boolean): Promise<boolean>