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npm i defichain @defichain/jellyfish-api-jsonrpc


import { JsonRpcClient } from '@defichain/jellyfish-api-jsonrpc'

const client = new JsonRpcClient('http://foo:bar@localhost:8554')


You can extend ApiClient with the @defichain/jellyfish-api-core package to create your own transport exchange specification.

import { ApiClient } from '@defichain/jellyfish-api-core'

class SpecClient extends ApiClient {
async call<T> (method: string, payload: any[]): Promise<T> {
throw new ClientApiError('error from client')

const client = new SpecClient('http://localhost:8554')

call Method

You can use the .call method directly by specifying:

  1. node rpc method name
  2. payload params
  3. number precision for parse
const result = await'methodname', ['p1', 'p2'], 'number')